The Holderrieth's

Our Story… The Holderrieth’s

Gaylon and Frankie are from a small town approximately 30 miles north of Houston, in Tomball, Texas.  They went to the same small high school Tomball High and started dating right after Frankie’s graduation in 1974.  Though both had definitely found their soul mate, at 18 for Frankie and 20 for Gaylon marriage was not yet in the picture and they each eventually moved on to experience life and different marriages.  Fast forwarding 40 years later when they accidently ran into each other again, both still remembering each other as their soul mate, it was fate, it was exciting, and after dating only 4 months, in April of 2013 they happily married.  They knew this was meant to be.  Sharing their love of travel and their zest for making up for lost time they both agree life’s too short to think about the what if’s and live each day and moment to the fullest.

We hope you will join them in celebrating life, and enjoying every minute.   Let’s jump on a boat and float!

We will strive to meet your dream vacation and look forward to working with each individual to make it that perfect picture postcard vacation on whatever adventure you choose.

Warm Regards,
Gaylon and Frankie

Frankie and Gaylon - Carnival Freedom 2015