Carnival Freedom – The Pool

The Lido deck is the place to be when beginning your cruise getaway.

Once you have passed check in, thrown on your bathing suit, your next direction should be to head directly on over to the Lido deck, which is on the 6th floor of the Carnival Freedom.  This is the perfect spot to start your vacation.  Drinks are flowing if you so choose, and so is the food.  Haven’t had lunch, grab a burger, a taco find a chair and take a great big breath.  You’ve arrived.  The first sight I saw was the excitement of getting ready to embark on a grand adventure.  People are friendly and smiling. Some had already picked out their chair and was slathering on sun tan lotion.  Hat and sunglasses in place, you can’t help but look forward to the next thing you could do.  Sit back and take it all in.  Should I jump in the pool, the hot tub, wait for the movies to start on the extremely large screen located above the pool or just sit back listen to the music and people watch.  I’m here and ready and as soon as I realize there is “nothing” I have to do for the next seven days, I smile, take a sip of my drink, exhale and relax.

Having a great time ~ wish you were here!

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