Tomball Night – August 5, 2016

August Heats Up

We decided to have a booth at Tomball Night to help get some exposure to our business venture.  If you don’t know what Tomball Night is…. let me explain.   Tomball Texas is a small town about 30 miles northwest of Houston Texas.  Once named “Peck”, was changed to Tomball in the 1900’s after a Senator Thomas Ball.   Originally Tomball Night started as a way to keep the money here in town during the back to school shopping period instead of driving into Houston to shop.  Stores would stay open late from 5pm – 10 pm offering door prize drawings and specials to entice customers into their stores.  It has since grown into a huge shopping, community event with outside vendors booths, food, bands, music, a lighted night parade and fireworks.  The stores still do their “thing” with specials and drawings making it a very big night in Tomball.   The locals say either go to the event… or get out of town.  There are people everywhere.  It is an annual event and we love it !  You see neighbors and old school buddies you haven’t seen in a very long time.

So back to our story …  we decided to have a booth.  We got a great location in front of the community building under some beautiful trees.  However that didn’t exactly keep you cool.  This is held the First Friday in August.  Hello…  August in Texas…  if you’ve never experienced it, well imagine the gates of hell and standing next to a large furnace or brick oven that has been putting out heat for years… then you would be close.   There is no relief.

We arrived early to set up.  Which was about 4:00, something that shouldn’t have taken more than about 30 minutes to set up took us almost the entire hour before the event began.  The heat was so unbearable, we put up our tent and stopped.  We set up the tables, and stopped.  We brought out our literature from the truck, and stopped.  Thankfully we did have a fan, and a cooler full of ice water to dip a towel in and kept wiping down our neck and faces.

It was a great night, we got lots of introductions to new people and passed out a lot of literature about Carnival, Sandals, Royal Caribbean and Beaches.
Jamaica was a high point we were promoting that night.  A funny moment…  a lady stopped and asked us in a very distinctive Jamaican accent… what cha you know about Jamaica”?  I’m guessing because we were white.. haha  , however she was impressed with what we were able to tell her and she shared with us some special memories she had while living there as a child.  So it certainly pays to do you homework before setting up in public, you never know who you will meet.  Tomball is an awesome town to live and shop, hope to see you around sometime.

Give us a call if you are looking for an inclusive resort or cruise, we would love to help you have a great vacation memory.

Gaylon and Frankie Holderrieth
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